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SG - Suicide Game - Haidji

"I received this book for free though Booklikes giveaways" This book is set in the very distant future, and follows the lives of a number of characters that have enrolled themselves into a new, hit reality TV show called the Suicide Game (SG). Basically eight thousand contestants compete and gather in an arena, walk out onto a raised platform, slip into lifeline harnesses, and then leap off. Some of the lifelines are rigged to break, while some of them aren’t. The unlucky ones plummet to their deaths while the lucky survivors then get the chance to jump again, and again, and again until one contestant remains alive. Haidji writing style for SG is very repetitive, however in a weird kind of way it’s repetitive in a poetic way. By repeating paragraphs it kind of draws you in as if you are sat in the crowd watching the event unfold as you know how the paragraph is going to say. If you read the book you’ll understand what I’m on about. Though in truth I didn’t really believe all of the characters back stories as to why they’d joined the SG’s in the first place, some seemed out of place to me. An interesting spin but yet weirdly a good read on killing for sport in the form of reality tv.

An absurd, but yet enjoyable comic fantasy

Sex Hell - Joe Canzano

"I received this book as an uncorrected bound proof copy direct from the author in exchange for an honest review"


When I was contacted and presented with the opportunity by the author to review his new book Sex Hell, I was like yes please. If it’s as good as one of his previous books “Manga Girl” that I’ve been lucky enough to read and review, then I knew that I was hopefully in for a treat ….. and once again “Sex hell” is totally out of the box.

Once again, having now got around to reading Sex Hell, I can say that Canzano has created a lively and vibrant array of characters, with a matching story line to boot. With quiet the love square between Debbie, Mike, Juan and Cynthia as they all get mixed up in aspects and consequences of Debbie and Juan ending up in Sex Hell.

The book does contain profanity and adult situations (but don’t let that put you off), however the scenes have been written in a light hearted comical way that doesn’t put you off reading as they are very ludicrous and out of this world at times (promise that wasn’t a slight hint there ;) )

Definitely an absurd, but yet enjoyable comic fantasy.

Doesn’t take life seriously and is packed full of cheesy humour

Magno Girl - Joe Canzano

"I received this book for free though Book likes Giveaways"


Having spoken to the author after winning ‘Magno Gir’l he described the book to me as “It's got a certain flavour that some people like and some people do not. It's meant to be a bit out of the mainstream, because that's kind of where I am.” And you know what he’s right, it’s totally out of the box, it’s not the usual genre of book I read however made a refreshing change and break for me. The book kind of reads like a cartoon strip without the pictures, but sometimes you have to let your hair down and read something light-hearted that is fun and entertaining that brings out your inner child once again, and constantly makes you smile as you read it. Canzano has written a book that doesn’t take life seriously and has packed it full of cheesy humour with lines such “He’s richer than Belgium chocolate”. He has throughout included lively and vibrant array of characters consisting of superheroes and villains, and detailed descriptions of action scenes. Over all I really enjoyed it as I’ve never come across anything quite like it, would totally recommend to anyone who’s after a genre break from their everyday reads.

The Shining - Stephen King

Can completely understand, and now totally agree why The Shining is considered as one of the horror classics of all time. Gripping, edge of your seat, page turning, creepy terror brilliance. Need I say more, except my favourite read this year :)

Incorporated Evil: A Business With One Goal...Absolute Power - Peter Widdows

A fast paced thriller, that takes you on a journey as you follow Sean and Liz two reports as they dodge danger and corruption in a whirlwind of action on every page, as they try to uncover who Charles Barker-Willet really is and what he has to hide from the world. I found this to be instantly intriguing, from the very beginning and all the way through, very easy to read and can quite quickly get stuck into. An excellent debut novel, well worth a read.

The Shining - Stephen King

Can completely understand, and now totally agree why The Shining is considered as one of the horror classics of all time. Gripping, edge of your seat, page turning, creepy terror brilliance. Need I say more, except my favourite read this year :)

Storm Front - Jim Butcher

This book was recommended to me by a friend and wasn’t disappointed. I pretty much stayed up most of the night reading Storm Front, as I found it very difficult to put it down once I’d started. Loved it enough said.

Ted Saves the World (Ted Saves the World Series Book 1) - Bryan Cohen

This is what I call an enjoyable read, light hearted, fun fast paced read. Found it hard to put it down once I got around to reading it. I found the characters to be believable and well-written. A refreshing read that any age could easily enjoy. Look forward to reading, more of Ted's future adventures. Thank you to the author, Bryan Cohen, for providing me with an eBook of 'Ted Saves the World' for the purposes of writing an honest review, it was a pleasure to read.

The Iron Jawed Boy and the Siege of Sol - Nikolas Lee

Once again Lee's throws us straight back into the action a couple of months from where the second book left off, with Ionikus (Ion) having now joined the Endari. I must admit I rather enjoyed the book chapters being split between Lillian and Ion's point's of view, as it kept me engaged. I can't believe just how far the characters have developed from the first book to the third (which is this one) which is fab. Just like the previous two books in the series, the plot utterly and completely draws you in to the point where it becomes hard to stop reading. Lee once again has done his book series justice, as it justs keeps getting better and better, can't wait for the next instalment! A must read.

The Iron-Jawed Boy - Nikolas Lee

To begin with it reminded me of the Percy Jackson films and books, however this was quickly knocked on the head as I worked my way through the book. Fast paced, mythology based around the elements and twists thrown into the mix, in my opinion made for a really good read. Aimed more towards the teenage reader I felt, but however can still be enjoyed by any age group. It is an exciting, well-written fantasy adventure that kept me entertained for a couple of days, as there was always something going on in each chapter which made it a real page turner. As I just had to know what was going to happen next and what was going to happen at the end. An unexpected but good twist at the end, not going to spoil it by saying what happens. Really different from what I expecting and can't wait to read the next instalment.

The Phone Company - David Jacob Knight

Not really sure where to start with this book. After reading the blurb it was a very promising story of how phones can literally take over your life/world and being myself a lover of technology I couldn’t wait to see what happened. However as I got further through the book, it just got weird. For me the ending really lacked and was confusing, as it left me with more answers than questions as to what the Phone Company actually was.

Steths: Cognition (Steths Book 1) - Karl Fields

Didn’t really know what to expect when I started this. To begin with, it was slow going as nothing seemed to be happening. However once you got about a quarter of the way through, the plot and characters got more interesting and the action took off, which caused it to become a real page turner for me. Recommend read as it’s a little something different from the normal.

Scouting for the Reaper - Jacob M. Appel

Out of the eight stories, as with all collective books there are always going to be some that are stronger and more captivating than others. My favourites ones where "transporting a truckload of penguins" and the "blind rabbit" as they amused me the most and I found kept me reading. Overall a good collection of short stories to read.

The Biology of Luck - Jacob M. Appel

This book is very unique as I’ve never come across this style of writing before. Appel has basically written what I’m going to describe as a parallel narrative. Which basically means, you follow Larry Bloom’s (main character) life as a tour guide for one day, while at the same time Larry Bloom has written his own book, which you also follow as well. It all sounds very confusing but because Appel alternatives the stories each chapter, it’s a very easy book to follow. I actually found that I enjoyed Larry’s book more than main story line. An enjoyable book to read.