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SG - Suicide Game - Haidji

"I received this book for free though Booklikes giveaways" This book is set in the very distant future, and follows the lives of a number of characters that have enrolled themselves into a new, hit reality TV show called the Suicide Game (SG). Basically eight thousand contestants compete and gather in an arena, walk out onto a raised platform, slip into lifeline harnesses, and then leap off. Some of the lifelines are rigged to break, while some of them aren’t. The unlucky ones plummet to their deaths while the lucky survivors then get the chance to jump again, and again, and again until one contestant remains alive. Haidji writing style for SG is very repetitive, however in a weird kind of way it’s repetitive in a poetic way. By repeating paragraphs it kind of draws you in as if you are sat in the crowd watching the event unfold as you know how the paragraph is going to say. If you read the book you’ll understand what I’m on about. Though in truth I didn’t really believe all of the characters back stories as to why they’d joined the SG’s in the first place, some seemed out of place to me. An interesting spin but yet weirdly a good read on killing for sport in the form of reality tv.