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An absurd, but yet enjoyable comic fantasy

Sex Hell - Joe Canzano

"I received this book as an uncorrected bound proof copy direct from the author in exchange for an honest review"


When I was contacted and presented with the opportunity by the author to review his new book Sex Hell, I was like yes please. If it’s as good as one of his previous books “Manga Girl” that I’ve been lucky enough to read and review, then I knew that I was hopefully in for a treat ….. and once again “Sex hell” is totally out of the box.

Once again, having now got around to reading Sex Hell, I can say that Canzano has created a lively and vibrant array of characters, with a matching story line to boot. With quiet the love square between Debbie, Mike, Juan and Cynthia as they all get mixed up in aspects and consequences of Debbie and Juan ending up in Sex Hell.

The book does contain profanity and adult situations (but don’t let that put you off), however the scenes have been written in a light hearted comical way that doesn’t put you off reading as they are very ludicrous and out of this world at times (promise that wasn’t a slight hint there ;) )

Definitely an absurd, but yet enjoyable comic fantasy.